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French Pathé Natan 17.5mm talkie projector

There were various attemps at a 17.5mm film gauge, but one was introduced by Pathé-Baby in France in the late 1920's with a projector and library of silent films. A Pathé 17.5mm cine camera was also advertised. Pathéscope in the UK presumably imported some of these items but only appear to have advertised the 17.5mm silent system once in their house magazine.

Pathé 17.5mm optical sound-on-film was launched in 1933/4 with a sound system added to the silent projector. A smaller projector was provided for amateur use. By 1938 a larger machine appeared.

I have a small collection of 17.5mm films and equipment. I would be interested in purchasing other 17.5mm items or a complete collection maybe. Contact me by E-Mail at:
presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address)

Pathé 17.5mm silent film clip Pathé 17.5mm sound film clip



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