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I started playing with web-pages when I set up a PC for a friend and noticed Word would produce web-pages (HTML) - there were odd problems. Soon I discovered Microsoft supplied a simplified version of their semi-professional Web-Site package FrontPage - FrontPage Express.

Freeserve had just begun to make the internet cheap and available in the UK, so my web-site began (must be before the turn of the century - before 2000). Soon it filled with 9.5mm film related stuff - ideal for my hobby! As the film bits expanded so my experimental bits were quickly shorn - Freeserve only gave one 15Mb!!

Now with a new provider (HostPresto! - UK based locally, good and low priced!) I think I have 1000MB available - only 7% filled so far (up to 57% now - October 2017!) But the film stuff can now have decent photos and lots more detail!! So here is a lot of my old stuff - up here for fun - and maybe a few new ideas! At least I have the space now! (July2015- updated 28Oct 2017)

1. An original mixture of topics - EPHEMERA pages

(recipe / health / trivia / jokes / surfing etc.)
! pre2000

2. I had also begun playing with a digital camera - hence - PHOTOS (post 2000) - or - PHOTOS OLD (pre 2000)

(The usual snapshots - family, holidays etc. the 'pre 2000' include real film photos!) pre2000 17Jul2017 - post 2000 05May2019

3. My grandfather did masses of geneology - GENEOLOGY pages

(obviously my family tree & my old (& some new) family photos)
2004 - 02Oct2019

4. Now it has its own menu - FAWLEY POWER STATION 30Sept2017 18Jan2020

- This contains photos of Fawley Power Station Sports and Social Club events; plus
some of my photos taken at Fawley Power Station Sports & Social Club Camera Club evenings.
- It also includes some Fawley Power Station general stuff, including vintage CEGB films -


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