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In my opinion one of the most important people ever to be a member of Group 9.5 is Maurice Trace. From the beginning his reviews and newsletters and guides have been essential to most ninefivers. Even to this day with the release of the 9.5 encyclopedia, one still relies on Maurice's guides and reviews to fill in the blanks. Because of this I have decided to devote an entire page to Maurice and will be uploading scanned PDF's of all of his writing outside of the reviews that can be found inside the official Group 9.5 magazine. Over the years his reports appeared in 8mm Film Collector here in the states which is how I first learned about 9.5. In addition he published a very important 9.5 sound news newsletter beginning in 1971 which is still a regular source of reference for me. He self published some of the very first comprehensive guides detailing the releases on 95.5 such as the Complete 9.5 Sound Catalogue, Now Where Did That Come From and many different guides broken down by genre. Since I don't believe he sells them anymore I will begin uploading here so that everyone can benefit from his wealth of research and knowledge. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Dino Everett  - August 2023   

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