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When the group formed, the magazines (and newsletters) were used as the primary source of information for club members since the Internet was not around yet. Besides including practical information about upcoming club events, and reports on past events, the magazine always included excellent articles written by members on everything from filming techniques, equipment modifications, to reviews of 9.5 related events in other countries. Some of the most consistent and popular articles have been written by Maurice Trace over the years covering 9.5 from the eyes of a film collector and cinema fan. He goes to great lengths with his research to present very in depth overviews of an individuals' career and how it relates to the films available on 9.5. In the case of Grahame's collection, the mags were one of the only things the family disposed of because apparently there were so many boxes filled with them. Because of this, when we acquired the collection very few were left. Thankfully, when I first got interested in 9.5, I scoured everywhere to accumulate every issue of the magazine I could find and even got lucky at one point to acquire a number of issues from the family of the late Larry Pearce (LGP) and from the backlog that Grahame sold on this website so I have a near complete run that I intend to scan and make available here - Dino Everett (Dec 2022)


 The early days of the magazine get a little confusing as it was constantly changing in regards to how many issues came out per year. It changed names from LEADER - 9.5 REVIEW before settling on simply 9.5 in 1972. By that time it was being released quarterly as it still is to this day.   If you have any missing issues of the newsletter please contact the archive at: presto @ (remove spaces for correct address)

I apologize for the quality of the earliest issues as our copies are photocopies of what was originally photocopied in 1962/3. I hope to eventually figure out if we are missing any newsletters.

SCANNED ISSUES                 

*                         GROUP 9.5                   *
      While it is sad to say that the group has officially ended, the truth is
many of the members are still unofficially a group as none have truly
abandoned the gauge. The magazine ended with issue 192 (Spring/Summer 2023)
but check this space from time to time as there will be "unofficial" issues 
in web form only that we will post.           

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