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Scrappy was a 1930s popular American film cartoon character, whose cartoons soon arrived on the 9.5mm 'home movie' film gauge. A little round-headed boy, Scrappy often found himself involved in off-beat neighbourhood adventures. Usually paired with his little brother Oopy (originally Vontzy), Scrappy also had an on-again, off-again girlfriend named Margy and a Scotty dog named Yippy. In later shorts the annoying little girl Brat and pesky pet Petey Parrot also appeared.

Early 'Scrappy' cartoon advertising poster

The cartoon character 'Scrappy' was created in 1931 by Dick Huemor for Charles Mintz's Krazy Kat Studio whose cartoon films were distributed by Columbia Pictures. Dick Huemer remained with Mintz's studio until 1933, when his colleagues Sid Marcus and Art Davis took control of the 'Scrappy' cartoon series.

I think almost 100 'Scrappy' cartoons were released, from 'Yelp Wanted' in July 1931, through to the last one 'The Little Theatre' in July 1941. The best place to see a full listing of all the titles is on the internet at Wikipedia.

Just a few titles were released in France on 9.5mm by Pathé-Baby, but sadly none were released on 9.5mm in the UK by Pathéscope; it took until 1973 when a single "Scrappy" cartoon was released om 9.5mm optical sound in the UK by Novascope, a cpmpany formed by two 9.5mm enthusiasts to try to release more 9.5mm printed films after the demise of Pathéscope (Great Britain) Ltd, originally the UK subsiduary of the French Pathé-Baby parent company. Naturally, the French Pathé-Baby 9.5mm 'Scrappy' cartoon releases had French titles, but the French 9.5mm optical sound prints still retained the original American sound tracks.

I have tried to list all the 9.5mm film releases below, showing the various versions of each title. Use of the many illustrations in the French Pathé-Baby house magazine "Le Cinema Chez Soi" (The Home Cinema) and access to many of the original cartoons has enabled a few more 9.5mm titles to be identified. Maybe there are still a few more to spot?

1930s "Scrappy" childrens' painting book

Because of the popularity of the 'Scrappy' character, he soon featured in childrens' comic and painting books. I'm not sure if these were also produced in other countries apart from America.

Watch a 16mm optical sound print of "Dizzy Ducks" US 1936 ( "Quand Un Canard" / "Out For A Duck") 27May2018

Watch a 16mm optical sound print of "Loony Balloonists" US 1936 ( "Zizi, Aéronaute") 01Jun2018

Watch my 9.5mm silent French Pathe-Baby print of "Quand Un Canard" ("Dizzy Ducks") US 1936 06Jun2018

Original title card (later modified for TV release)

"Scrappy" cartoon series - USA 1931/1941

A Charles Mintz Production. Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Created by Dick Heumor. Animation: Sid Marcus and Art Davis
Music: Joe De Nat

"Minding The Baby" USA 16Nov1931

Sixth in the series - Problems when Scrappy is asked to baby-sit little Oscar.

 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as 4G.3143 "Les Enfants D'Aujourd'Hui" - issued 1934
            ("The Children Of Today" - 4 x 60ft/20m notched cassettes)

"The Treasure Hunt" USA 25Feb1932

Seventh in the series - Scrappy and friend search for hidden treasure. After fighting off undersea enemies, they discover the casket is empty!

 9.5mm optical sound Pathé-Baby France as MS.70154 & MS.70145 "Frimousett Peche Un Tresor" 
 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as M.4558 & M.4658 "Frimousset Peche Un Tresor" - issued approx 195?

In early French Pathe-Baby releases, Scrappy & his young brother are Jojo & Bistouille

"Railroad Wretch" USA 31Mar1932

Eigth in the series. Not content with toy trains, Scrappy and his younger brother take over a real steam train!

 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as 4G.3147 "Deux Jeunes Gens Dans Le Train" - issued January 1935
            ("Two Youngsters In The Train" - 4 x 60ft/20m notched cassettes)

"The Pet Shop" USA 28Apr1932

Ninth in the series. Scrappy and his younger brother take over a pet shop. There is absolute chaos when the animals escape!

 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as 3G.3148 "Le Zoo Des Familles" - issued February 1935
            ("The Family Zoo" - 3 x 60ft/20m notched cassettes)

"Battle Of The Barn" USA 31May1932

Tenth in the series. A thug terrorises a region and sets up a club. Scrappy is ejected, but returns with an army of his young friends and gives battle.

 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as 3G.3145 "Le Redoutable Gangster" - issued December 1934
                              (3 x 60ft/20m notched cassettes)

"Fare Play" USA 02Jul1932

A drink seller in a travelling fair has an honourable business until alcohol is tipped into a cask of lemonade.

 9.5mm optical sound Pathé-Baby France as MS.70069 "A La Fraiche, Qui Boire?" - issued 1938

"Camping Out" USA 10Aug1932

Number 12 in the series - Escape from the town's deafening noise, drive on beautiful roads with bird song, camp under the stars - yes, but .....

 9.5mm optical sound Pathé-Baby France as MS.80004 "Joies Du Camping" - issued 193?
 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as M. "    "  - issued ?

"The Flophouse" USA 09Nov1932

Number 15 in the series - A 25c a night boarding house for animals - no skunks allowed! There are problems with a regiment of bugs!

 9.5mm optical sound Pathé-Baby France as MS.70155 "Frimousset Passe Une Nuit Blanche" 
 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as M.4559 & M.4659 "Frimousset Passe Une Nuit Blanche" - issued approx 195? 

"Dizzy Ducks" USA 28Nov1936

Musical cartoon with Scrapppy and his younger brother out duck shooting - but it's only a dream.

 9.5mm optical sound Pathé-Baby France as MS.80017 "Quand Un Canard" 
 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as M.4541 "Quand Un Canard" 
 9.5mm optical sound Novascope UK as "Out For A Duck" - issued February 1973
    (the UK Novascope print came from the French 9.5mm optical sound release)
French Pathé-Baby Scrappy 9.5mm film release

"Loony Balloonists" USA 24Sep1937

Scrappy and his younger brother have some fun with a toy aeroplane and a gas balloon.

 9.5mm silent Pathé-Baby France as M.4662 "Zizi, Aéronaute" 
     (interesting that for this cartoon instead of using 'Frimousset' as Scrappy's name, 
      the French Pathé-Baby editor used 'Zizi' - already used for Krazy Kat cartoons!)

(Film descriptions are mostly from the GLN 9.5mm French optical sound film catalogue)

   The Great Cartoon Stars by the late Denis Gifford (Jupiter Books)
   "The Columbia Checklist" - Len D. Martin - McFarland & Company Inc. North Columbia, USA
   Pathe-Baby French 9.5mm silent film catalogues
   Grahame L. Newnham 9.5mm French optical sound film catalogue
   Catalogue Général Films 9.5mm 1922-1986 by François Poussin

Any corrections, or additional information will be greatly appreciated! 
e-mail me, Grahame L. Newnham at:  presto @ 
                              (no gaps in actual e-mail address)

Another Scrappy poster

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