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The following list includes maybe almost all known 9.5mm Felix cartoon releases from around the world. Generally 9.5mm releases were retitled. Help identifying those titles catalogued as 'unknown Felix cartoon' would be appreciated. Titles such as 'Felix In' released after 1925 (via Educational) were often originally titled 'Felix The Cat In'.

Click for Felix music: "Felix Kept On Walking"

Click to hear the vocal version of "Felix Kept On Walking" recorded in the UK on an HMV 10" 78rpm record B.1758 in 1924 by Jack Hylton & his Orchestra

Cette liste englobe tous les films d'edition 9.5mm connus de Felix dans le monde. Normallement ces films 9.5mm ont les titres nouveux. Peut-être c'est possible identifier des titres 'unknown Felix cartoon'- ('dessine animé de Felix inconnu'). Titres comme 'Felix In' après 1925, (par Educational), souvent ont le titre original 'Felix The Cat In'.

Watch a 9.5mm print of "Felix Leads A Revolution" ("Felix Revolts" US 1925) on You Tube -


Early 9.5mm notched Felix short (in two 30 foot parts)

9.5mm Felix '1 reel' (300foot/100metre ) notched film - released in the UK about 1927
(the UK 9.5mm Pathéscope films were still printed ni France at that time)

Pathéscope 200 foot / 60 metre 9.5mm Felix release
(most of the batch released 1956 / 1957 had a copyright expiry date of November 1960 -
copyright was usually for five years, but Pathéscope were so tardy in releasing their films!)

9.5mm Felix films were released in many countries - these Film Office titles are French

  @GLN '96                      INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ORIGINAL TITLE ALPHA LISTING                    12Oct2008
                            ('Released by' =   and/or  'Film Star' = FX  and/or  'Class' = Animated )
  PA=Pathescope(UK)  PB=Pathe-Baby(FR)  Pathe: PG=(Ger)  PI=(IT)  PN=(India)  PS=(Spain)   PT=(Aus)   PW=(Sweden)   PX=Pathex(US)
  FO=Film Office(FR)  PU=Pinquin(FR)  HF=Hefa(FR)  LA=LaPierre(FR)  MS=Mascre(FR)  TB=Tobis(Ger)   CK=Cinak(FR)   LP=LGP Cine(UK)
  AV=Adventure(UK)  NV=Novascope(UK)  PK=Peak(UK)  WL=Walton(UK)  WH=WallaceHeaton(UK)  BC=Birmingham Comm.Flm(UK)  PR=Presto(UK)
  V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound
  BK=Buster Keaton    BB=Billy Bevan   BT=Ben Turpin   CC=Charlie Chaplin    CH=Charley Chase   DA=Unclassified Animated
  DD=Dinky Doodle  DF=Fleischer   DL=Lortac   DY=Disney  FX=Felix   HB=Hallroon Boys   HL=Harold Lloyd   LH=Laurel&Hardy
  ML=Max Linder   MM=Mickey McGuire   OG=Our Gang   PP=Paul Parrott   SL=Stan Laurel   SP=Snub Pollard   WF=Walter Forde
 Original Film:  Title        Date  Country  9.5mm Number 9.5mm Title                             9.5mm Issue Del Date
 APRIL MAZE                     ??/??/30 US  1 M(PA)30772 AND NOW FELIX PREPARES FOR A PICNIC         *Oct56   58
                                             1 M(PA)30772 FELIX HAS A PICNIC                           Oct56   58
                                             1 D(PA)30782 FELIX SAYS GRACE                             Apr57
 FALSE VASES                    ??/??/28 US  1 M(PA)30761 FELIX GOES TO CHINA                          Oct56   58
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX CHEZ LES CHINOIS                  
 FELIX ALL AT SEA               01/05/22 US  1 G(PA)10381 FELIX, THE FOE AND THE STUFF THAT CHEERS    *Apr32
                                             3 V(PB)  993 FELIX LE CHAT ET LES ALCOOLIQUES             Oct27
                                             1 V(PB)  997 FELIX LE CHAT N'A PAS FAIT SA NUIT           Oct27
 FELIX AT THE FAIR              01/03/22 US  3 V(PA)  841 FELIX AT THE FAIR                       
                                             3 V(PB)  841 FELIX LE CHAT A LA FETE DU VILLAGE           Aug26
                                             3 V(PI)  841 FELICE LO GATTO ALLA FESTA DEL VILLAGGIO
 FELIX BRAVES THE BRINY ?       02/05/26 US  1 M(FO)      FELIX DANS LA MARINE                            61
 FELIX CALMS HIS CONSCIENCE     15/05/23 US  2 G(PA)10401 FELIX DEVELOPS A CONSCIENCE                  Dec33
                                             4 V(PB) 3004 FELIX LE CHAT CONNAIT LE REMORDS             Dec27
                                             2 G(PB) 8526 FELIX LE CHAT CONNAIT LE REMORDS             Aug34
 FELIX COMES BACK               ??/07/22 US  1 V(PA)  767 FELIX THE CAT AT THE NORTH POLE
                                             1 V(PB)  767 FELIX LE CHAT AU POLE NORD                      24
                                             1 V(PS)  767 FELIX EL GATO EN EL POLO NORTE          
                                             1 V(PT)  767 FELIX, DER KATER, AM NORDPOL            
                                             1 V(PW)  767 KATTEN FELIX PA NORDPOLSRESA            
 FELIX CROSSES THE CROOKS       15/02/24 US  1 G(PA)  859 FELIX THE BOLD                                  26Nov34
                                             3 V(PA)  861 FELIX NABS A NABBER                             26
                                             2 V(PB)  859 FELIX LE CHAT NE MALIN                          25
                                             3 V(PB)  861 FELIX LE CHAT DETECTIVE PAR PITIE               25
                                             1 G(PB) 8513 FELIX LE CHAT NE MALIN                          34
                                             2 V(PS)  859 FELIX EL GATO NO ES MALICIOSO           
 FELIX DOPES IT OUT             15/08/25 US  1 M(FO)      FELIX CHEZ LES CANNIBALES                       61
 FELIX FIFTY-FIFTY              01/10/22 US  1 G(PA)  797 FELIX IS HUNGRY                         
                                             1 V(PA)  798 FELIX DEMONSTRATES THE LAW OF EQUALITY      *   26Oct34
                                             1 G(PA)  799 FELIX THE CAT, THE PUSS FOR BOOTS               26
                                             2 V(PB)  797 FELIX LE CHAT A DES DECEPTIONS D'ESTOMAC        25
                                             1 V(PB)  798 FELIX LE CHAT SE VENGE                          25
                                             2 V(PB)  799 FELIX LE CHAT CHAUSSE MIEUX                     25
                                             1 G(PB) 8521 FELIX LE CHAT CHAUSSE MIEUX                  Aug34
                                             1 G(PB) 8522 FELIX LE CHAT A DES DECEPTIONS D'ESTOMAC     Aug34
                                             2 V(PI)  799 SI... MA FELICE LO GATO CALZA MEGLIO    
                                             1 V(PS)  798 VENGANZA DE FELIX EL GATO (LA)          
                                             2 V(PS)  799 SI, PERO FELIX EL GATO CALZA MEJOR      
 FELIX FILLS A SHORTAGE         15/11/23 US  1 G(PA)10390 FELIX BECOMES A BANANA TRADER               *Mar33
                                             4 V(PB)  949 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSE LA BANANE               Dec26
                                             2 G(PB) 8509 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSE LA BANANE               Apr34
 FELIX FINDS A WAY              01/08/22 US  1 V(PA)  835 FELIX STRIKES THE BANANA SLIDE                  26
                                             3 V(PA)  839 FELIX ON THE WAR-PATH                           26
                                             1 V(PB)  835 FELIX LE CHAT N'A PAS DE CHANCE                 25
                                             3 V(PB)  839 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSE AU WHISKY                  25
                                             3 V(PI)  839 FELICE LO GATTO A CACCIA COL COGNAC     
                                             1 V(PS)  835 FELIX EL GATO NO TIENE SUERTE           
 FELIX FLIRTS WITH FATE ?       24/01/26 US  1 J(FO)      FELIX CHEZ L'ASTROLOGUE                 
 FELIX FOLLOWS THE SWALLOWS     01/02/25 US  1 C(NV) 1021 FELIX FOLLOWS THE SWALLOWS                   Jan71
 FELIX GETS BROADCASTED         15/06/23 US  2 G(PA)10383 FELIX IN PHARAOHLAND                         Dec31
                                             1 D(PA)10396 FELIX PLAYS THE JONAH                        Nov33
                                             4 V(PB)  984 FELIX LE CHAT AU FIL DE L'ONDE               Jun27
                                             3 V(PB)  988 FELIX LE CHAT FAIT SON PETIT JONAS           Aug27
                                             2 G(PB) 8525 FELIX LE CHAT AU FIL DE L'ONDE               Aug34
 FELIX GETS LEFT                15/02/23 US  3 V(PA)  870 FELIX IS FOOLED                         
                                             3 V(PB)  870 FELIX LE CHAT EST UN NAIF                    Dec25
                                             3 V(PS)  870 FELIX EL GATO ES UN CANDIDO             
 FELIX GETS REVENGE             01/09/22 US  1 V(PA)  802 FELIX THE PROTECTOR                             26
                                             1 V(PB)  802 FELIX LE CHAT DEFENSEUR DU FAIBLE               25
                                             1 V(PB)  803 FELIX LE CHAT PREND LA MOUCHE                   25
                                             2 V(PB)  808 FELIX LE CHAT N'AIME PAS CA                  Mar25
                                             1 G(PB) 8506 FELIX LE CHAT N'AIME PAS CA                  Apr34
                                             1 V(PS)  802 FELIX EL GATO DEFENSOR                  
                                             1 V(PS)  803 FELIX EL GATO COGE LA MOSCA             
                                             1 V(PW)  803 KATTEN FELIX LAGGER NASAN I BLOT        
                                             2 G(PS)  895 FELIX EL GATO CAZADOR                   
 FELIX GOES HUNGRY ?            15/12/24 US  1 J(FO)      FELIX RESTE SUR SA FAIM                         49
 FELIX HITS THE DECK            11/12/27 US  1 M(PA)30767 FELIX HITS THE DECK                          Oct56   58
 FELIX HYPS THE HIPPO           01/02/24 US  4 V(PA)  773 FELIX THE MESMERIST                             26
                                             4 V(PB)  773 FELIX LE CHAT, MEDIUM                           24
                                             2 D(PB) 8517 FELIX LE CHAT, MEDIUM                           34
                                             4 V(PI)  773 FELICE LO GATTO, MEDIUM                 
                                             4 V(PS)  773 FELIX EL GATO, MEDIUM                   
                                             1 C(NV) 1063 FELIX HYPS THE HIPPO                        *
                                             1 M(PA)30766 NOW A MAGIC CARPET TAKES FELIX TO ARABIA    *Dec56
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX ET LE TAPIS VOLANT                
 FELIX IN ASTRONOMEOWS          08/07/28 US  1 M(PA)30739 FELIX IN OUTER SPACE                        *Apr56
                                             1 D(PA)30775 FELIX'S STRANGE ADVENTURE                    Dec56
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX CHAMPION INTERPLANETAIRE          
 FELIX IN BLUNDERLAND           07/02/26 US  1 D(CK)   10 MIAOU ET LE BELIER
                                             1 D(CK)   19 MIAOU ET LE GEANT
 FELIX IN COMICALAMITIES        01/06/28 US  1 M(PA)30738 FELIX MEETS CALAMITY JANE                    Apr56
 FELIX IN FAIRYLAND             01/08/23 US  1 G(PA)10389 FELIX THE GIANT KILLER                      *Dec32
                                             3 V(PB) 3006 FELIX LE CHAT VAINQUEUR DE L'OGRE            Feb28
 FELIX IN FUTURITZY             24/06/28 US  1 M(PA)30762 FELIX LOOKS INTO THE FUTURE                          58
 FELIX IN HOLLYWOOD             01/10/23 US  1 G(PA)  954 FELIX BOOSTS THE SHOE TRADE                  Aug31
                                             1 G(PA)10400 FELIX ON THE FILMS                          *Feb34
                                             3 V(PB)  940 FELIX LE CHAT FAIT DU CINEMA                 Nov26
                                             2 V(PB)  954 FELIX LE CHAT,PROVIDENCE DES CORDONNIERS     Jan27
                                             1 G(PB) 8514 FELIX LE CHAT PROVIDENCE DES CORDONNIERS        34
                                             2 V(PS)  954 FELIX EL GATO,PROVIDENCIA DE LOS ZAPATRS
                                             1 C(NV) 1064 FELIX IN HOLLYWOOD                      
 FELIX IN LOVE                  01/06/22 US  1 G(PA)  817 FELIX THE CAT AND THE WONDERFUL LAMP        *   26   30
                                             2 V(PB)  809 FELIX LE CHAT CHERCHE UNE AME SOEUR          Mar25
                                             2 V(PB)  817 FELIX LE CHAT VIT UN CONTE FANTASTIQUE          25
                                             1 G(PB) 8502 FELIX LE CHAT CHERCHE UNE AME SOEUR          Apr34
                                             1 G(PB) 8524 FELIX LE CHAT VIT UN CONTE FANTASTIQUE       Aug34
                                             2 V(PI)  809 FELICE LO GATTO CERCA UN'ANIMA GEMELLA  
                                             1 G(PW)  817 KATTEN FELIX OCH DEN UNDERBARA LAMPAN   
                                             1 M(FO)      FELIX ET SON ELEPHANT                   
 FELIX IN POLLY-TICS            18/03/28 US  1 M(PA)30740 NOW FELIX TRIES FOR CLOSE HARMONY           *Oct56
                                             1 D(PA)30774 FELIX MOUSE FIGHTER                          Dec56
 FELIX IN THE BONE AGE          01/03/23 US  1 V(PA)  709 FELIX AT THE MUSEUM                         *   26
                                             2 V(PA)  768 FELIX THE CAT IN MONKEYLAND                     26
                                             1 V(PB)  709 FELIX LE CHAT AU MUSEUM                         24
                                             2 V(PB)  768 FELIX LE CHAT CHEZ LES SINGES                   24
                                             1 G(PB) 8512 FELIX LE CHAT CHEZ LES SINGES                   34
                                             1 G(PG)  768 FELIX DER KATER, IM AFFENLAND           
                                             2 V(PI)  768 FELIX LO GATTO NEL PAESE DELLE SCIMMIE  
                                             1 V(PS)  709 FELIX EL GATO EN EL MUSEO               
                                             2 V(PS)  768 FELIX EL GATO EN EL PAIS DE LOS MONOS       *
                                             2 V(PW)  768 KATTEN FELIX I APLANDET                 
 FELIX IN THE OILY BIRD         05/02/28 US  1 M(PA)30771 FELIX STRIKES OIL                            Apr57
 FELIX LAUGHS LAST              15/08/23 US  1 V(PA)  924 SIMPLE FELIX                                 Feb31
                                             1 G(PA) 3001 FELIX THE CRAFTY HUNTSMAN                   *Oct31
                                             1 V(PB)  924 FELIX LE CHAT DANS SA CANDEUR NAIVE          Jun26
                                             1 V(PB)  928 FELIX LE CHAT DANSE DEVANT LE BUFFET         Aug26
                                             2 V(PB) 3001 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSEUR ASTUCIEUX             Nov27
                                             1 G(PB) 8523 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSEUR ASTUCIEUX             Aug34
                                             1 V(PS)  924 FELIX EL GATO SE DEJA ENGANAR           
 FELIX LENDS A HAND             01/02/23 US  1 S(PA)  549 FELIX KNIGHT ERRANT                         *   27
                                             2 V(PA)  771 FELIX AND THE BEAUTIFUL FATMA               *   26
                                             1 V(PA)  772 FELIX AND THE MOUSE                         *   26   30
                                             2 V(PB)  771 FELIX LE CHAT ET LA BELLE FATMA                 24
                                             1 V(PB)  772 FELIX LE CHAT ET LA SOURIS                      24
                                             1 G(PB) 8519 FELIX LE CHAT ET LA BELLE FATMA              Aug34
                                             1 S(PS)  549 LOCA AVENTURA DE FELIX EL GATO (LA)     
                                             2 V(PS)  771 FELIX EL GATO Y LA BELLA FATMA          
                                             1 S(PT)  549 KATER FELIX' TOLLES ABENTEUER           
 FELIX LOSES OUT                15/01/24 US  1 G(PA)  826 FELIX, THE UNSUCCESSFUL RIVAL                   26
                                             1 G(PA)  830 FELIX, THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST         
                                             1 M(PA) 5016 FELIX FALLS IN LOVE                         *Feb37
                                             2 V(PB)  826 FELIX LE CHAT A DES PEINES DE COEUR             25
                                             2 V(PB)  830 FELIX LE CHAT, LA BELLE ET LA BETE              25
                                             1 G(PB) 8511 FELIX LE CHAT A DES PEINES DE COEUR             34
                                             1 G(PB) 8520 FELIX LE CHAT, LA BELLE ET LA BETE           Aug34
                                             2 V(PS)  826 FELIX EL GATO TIENE AFLIGIDO EL CORAZON 
                                             2 V(PS)  830 FELIX EL GATO Y LA BELLA BESTIA         
                                             1 G(PW)  830 KATTEN FELIX' MISSLYCKADE ENLEVERING    
 FELIX MAKES GOOD               01/04/22 US  1 G(PA)  785 FELIX IS ADOPTED                            *   26
                                             1 V(PA)  796 FELIX HAS AN ACCIDENT                           26Nov29
                                             1 G(PA)  801 FELIX HAS A NARROW ESCAPE                   *   26
                                             2 V(PB)  785 FELIX LE CHAT VICTIME D'UNE ERREUR JUD.         25
                                             1 V(PB)  796 FELIX LE CHAT EST DEFIGURE                      25
                                             2 V(PB)  801 FELIX LE CHAT REVIENT SUR L'EAU                 25
                                             1 G(PB) 8504 FELIX LE CHAT REVIENT SUR L'EAU              Apr34
                                             1 G(PB) 8508 FELIX LE CHAT VICTIME D'UNE ERREUR JUD.      Apr34
                                             2 V(PI)  801 FELIX LO GATTO TORNA A GALLA            
                                             2 V(PS)  785 FELIX EL GATO VICTIMA DE UN ERROR JUD.  
                                             1 V(PS)  796 FELIX EL GATO LE DESFIGURAN             
                                             1 V(PW)  796 KATTEN FELIX' SVANS             
                                             1 G(PW)  801 KATTEN FELIX I KNIPA            
 FELIX MINDS THE KID            01/10/22 US  3 V(PA)  833 FELIX THE NURSE                                 26
                                             3 V(PB)  833 FELIX LE CHAT BONNE D'ENFANT                    25
                                             3 V(PT)  833 KATER FELIX ALS KINDERMADCHEN   
                                             3 V(PW)  833 KATTEN FELIX SOM BARNJUNGFRU    
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX GARDE BEBE                
 FELIX OUT OF LUCK              01/01/24 US  1SB(PA)  826 FELIX IS HUNGRY                             *Aug36
                                             1 V(PA)  898 FELIX AND THE FISH                              2?Dec29
                                             1 V(PA)  915 FELIX MISSES HIS MOUSE                       Jan31
                                             1 V(PB)  898 FELIX LE CHAT SAUVE DES EAUX                    26
                                             1 V(PB)  899 FELIX LE CHAT ET LE POT AU LAIT                 26
                                             1 V(PB)  915 FELIX LE CHAT MANQUE SA SOURIS               Apr26
                                             2 V(PB)  935 FELIX LE CHAT DEJEUNE EN VILLE               Oct26
                                             1 V(PS)  898 FELIX EL GATO SALVADO DE LAS AGUAS 
                                             1 V(PS)  915 FELIX EL GATO SE QUENDA SIN RATON  
                                             1 V(PW)  898 KATTEN FELIX OCH FISKEN            
 FELIX REVOLTS                  01/05/23 US  1 G(PA)  887 FELIX LEADS A REVOLUTION                        26Dec29
                                             1 V(PA)  896 FELIX THE CAT FARES BADLY          
                                             1 V(PA)  897 FELIX HAS A "PIPING HOT" TIME      
                                             1 G(PB)  887 FELIX LE CHAT SOULEVE LE PEUPLE              Feb26
                                             1 V(PB)  896 FELIX LE CHAT ENCAISSE MAL                   Feb26
                                             1 V(PB)  897 FELIX LE CHAT NE DIGERE PAS LE MOUTARDE      Feb26
                                             1 G(PB) 8515 FELIX LE CHAT NE DIGERE PAS LA MOUTARDE         34
                                             1 V(PS)  896 FELIX EL GATO MAL ENCAJADOR          
                                             1 G(PT)  887 FELIX DER KATER WIEGELT DAS VOLK SUF 
 FELIX SAVES THE DAY            01/02/22 US  1 V(PA)  853 FELIX WINS A BASE BALL MATCH                    26   30
                                             1 V(PB)  853 FELIX LE CHAT JOUE AU BASE-BALL   
                                             1 V(PS)  853 FELIX EL GATO JUEGA AL BASSE-BALL 
                                             1 V(PW)  853 KATTEN FELIX SPELAR BASE-BALL     
 FELIX STRIKES IT RICH          01/07/23 US  1 G(PA)10380 FELIX TURNS PROSPECTOR                      *Jan32
                                             1 G(PA)10399 FELIX OPENS A DANCING ACADEMY                Aug33
                                             3 V(PB)  963 FELIX LE CHAT CONDUIT LE BAL                 Mar27
                                             2 V(PB)  978 FELIX LE CHAT PROSPECTEUR !                  Apr27
                                             1 G(PB) 8516 FELIX LE CHAT PROSPECTEUR !                     34
 FELIX SWITCHES WITCHES         07/11/27 US  1 M(PA)30768 FELIX AND HALLOWE'EN NIGHT                  *Dec56
 FELIX THE GLOBE TROTTER        01/06/23 US  2 G(PA)10388 FELIX DOES A DEAL IN KANGAROOS               Aug32
                                             4 V(PB) 3005 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSE LE KANGOUROU            Jan28
                                             1 G(PB) 8518 FELIX LE CHAT CHASSE LE KANGOUROU               34
 FELIX THE GOAT GETTER          01/12/23 US  1 V(PB)  923 FELIX LE CHAT FAIT JOUJOU                    Jun26
                                             1 V(PB)  934 FELIX LE CHAT N'EST PAS SERIEUX              Oct26
                                             1 V(PB)  941 FELIX LE CHAT BAT LE TAPIS                   Nov26
                                             1 V(PB)  948 FELIX LE CHAT FUMISTE EN TOUS GENRES         Dec26
                                             1 V(PB)  953 FELIX LE CHAT, PLONGEUR                      Feb27
                                             1 G(PB) 8505 FELIX LE CHAT N'EST PAS SERIEUX              Apr34
                                             1 V(PS)  934 FELIX EL GATO BROMISTA                  
                                             1 V(PW)  934 KATTEN FELIX OCH KAKORNA                
 FELIX TRIES FOR TREASURE       15/04/23 US  1 J(FO)      FELIX PECHEUR DE PERLES                     *   49
                                             1 D(PU)      FELIX AU ROYAUME DES PERLES                 *
 FELIX TRIES TO REST            01/04/24 US  2 V(PA)  858 FELIX HOUSE HUNTING                             26
                                             1 V(PB)  847 FELIX LE CHAT FAIT LA SIESTE                 Dec25
                                             2 V(PB)  858 FELIX LE CHAT TROUVE UN APPARTEMENT             25
                                             1 G(PB) 8503 FELIX LE CHAT TROUVE UN APPARTEMENT          Apr34
                                             2 V(PS)  858 FELIX EL GATO ENCUENTRA HABITACION      
 FELIX TURNS THE TIDE           15/10/22 US  5 V(PA)  866 STAFF-MAJOR FELIX                               26Dec29
                                             5 V(PB)  866 FELIX LE CHAT S'EN VA-T-EN GUERRE               25
                                             1SB(PI)      FELICE LO GATTO VA ALLA GUERRA          
                                             5 V(PI)  866 FELICE LO GATTO VA IN GUERRA            
 FELIX WAKES UP                 01/11/22 US  3 V(PB)  960 FELIX LE CHAT A LE SOMMEIL AGITE             Feb27
                                             1 V(PB)  964 FELIX LE CHAT, HERCULE MALGRE LUI            Mar27
                                             2 G(PB) 8507 FELIX LE CHAT A LE SOMMEIL AGITE             Apr34
 FELIX WOOS WHOOPEE             ??/??/30 US  1 M(PA)30760 FELIX GOES OUT ON THE TOWN                  *Dec56
 FORTY WINKS                    01/01/30 US  1 M(PA)30769 FELIX SEEKS DREAMLAND                       *Dec56
 NON-STOP FRIGHT (THE)          21/08/27 US  1 M(PA)30747 FELIX NON STOP FRIGHT                       *Oct56
                                             1 D(PA)30779 FELIX LETS FLY                               Apr57
 OCEANTICS                      ??/??/30 US  1 M(PA)30741 NOW FELIX PUTS TO SEA                       *Oct56
 ONE GOOD TURN                  ??/??/29 US  1 M(PA)30763 FELIX FINDS HIMSELF IN MERRY ENGLAND        *Oct56   58
                                             1 D(PA)30781 FELIX FOXES 'EM                              Apr57
                                             1 M(FO)      FELIX ET LE RENARD                              61
 ROMEEOW                        ??/??/29 US  1 M(PA)30770 FELIX PLAYS ROMEO                            Dec56
 SURE-LOCKED HOLMES             15/04/28 US  1 M(PA)30765 FELIX TRIES TO PLAY SHERLOCK HOLMES          Dec56
                                             1SB(PI)      FELICE LO GATTO DETECTIVE               
 TEE TIME                       ??/??/30 US  1 M(PA)30748 FELIX TEES OFF FOR THE BIG AFRICAN GAMES    *Oct56
 UNKNOWN FELIX CARTOON          ??/??/2? US  1SB(PI)      FELICE LO GATTO ALLENATORE              
                                             1SB(PI)      FELICE LO GATTO ILLUSIONISTA            
                                             1SB(PI)      FELICE LO GATTO POMPIERE                
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX EST UN FARCEUR                    
                                             1 M(FO)      FELIX ET LA POULE VOLEUSE                       61
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX ROI DES MENTEURS                          49
                                             1 J(FO)      FELIX TETE DE TURC                              49
                                             1 D(PU)      FELIX RENTRE TARD                       
 WHYS AND OTHER WHYS            27/12/27 US  1 M(PA)30773 FELIX'S PAY DAY                             *Apr57
                                                                                             ( 230 entries )

1. All these Felix 9.5mm film releases were black & white silent films, as were the original cinema releases,
   until the last few dated 1929 and 1930 which had post-synched music and effects sound tracks.
   These certainly weren't issued on 9.5mm sound, not sure if prints exist on 16mm or perhaps Super 8mm sound.
2. Four 9.5mm UK Pathescope Felix releases were actually compilations - only one link is shown above.

   The 9.5mm "Felix Falls In Love" consists of bits from "Felix Loses Out" and "Felix Develops A Conscience"

   The 9.5mm "Felix Is Hungry" consists of bits of "Felix Out of Luck"/"Felix Makes Good"/"Felix Revolts"/
    "Felix Gets Left" and "Felix Laughs Last".

   The 9.5mm "Felix Knight Errant" consists of bits of "Felix Lends A Hand"/"Felix In the Bone Age" and
    "Felix Out Of Luck"

   The 9.5mm "Felix the Cat and the Wonderful Lamp" consists of bits of "Felix In Love" & "Felix Hyps the Hippo"

3. Confusion arises because of two similar Felix titles - "Felix the Cat As Roameo" (16/05/27) and "Romeeow"
   a 1929 sound release from Copley Pictures (the 1929 "Romeeow" is "Felix Plays Romeo" on 9.5mm). 

4. Where there is a month and year for the 9.5mm release date then the information comes from the relevant 
   Pathéscope Monthly / Pathéscope Gazette (UK) or Cinema Chez Soi (FR) house magazine for that date.  If 
   there is only a year for the 9.5mm release date then that comes from the annual Pathéscope / Pathé-Baby 
   film catalogue.

Pathéscope Gazette magazine Oct-Nov 1956

Pathéscope Gazette magazine Dec 1956 - Jan 1957

Pathéscope Gazette magazine Apr-May 1957

Pathéscope released another bunch of Felix cartoons, some almost full-length 200 foot (60 metre) versions, and a few 60 foot (15 metre) shorts. These were believed to have been sourced from a series re-edited for television transmission. There is some doubt about the title M.30762 "Felix Looks Into The Future" (orig. title: "Felix In Futuritzy"US 24/06/28) as although listed in the Pathéscope release register, it doesn't appear in any of the 1957/58/59 9.5mm printed film lists or the Pathéscope Gazette magazine. Maybe negative damage or oversight. Naturally if anyone out there does have a 9.5mm print, then please let me know!

Bingoscope 9.5mm Felix films:

In my 9.5mm film catalogues, you can find a listing for Bingoscope (& Bing British) - little 15 foot 9.5mm films printed by Pathéscope for use on toy projectors.
Whilst not included in the proper lists above, there were one or two Felix releases amongst these Bingoscope titles - so far I think I have just two listed.

Ref No.     Box Title                                     Original Title         Date
*22     FELIX LOSES HIS LOVE      Felix cartoon        - FELIX LOSES OUT      US 15/01/24
         Felix makes up to a lady cat, but when he goes for roses, she goes off in a car 
         with Baron Bob. (Contains short titles in verse) from 9.5mm "Felix Falls in Love"?

  ? ??  ??????????????????        Felix cartoon        - FELIX FILLS A SHORTAGE US 15/11/23
         Felix lands on 'Banana Island', feeling hungry he spots a bunch of bananas
         hanging from a tree, but when he reaches for them the bananas turn into a
         sleeping bird which awakes and flies away.  (Thanks to Dave Richardson)

Naturally if I find any more Felix titles in this Bingoscope series, I'll try to add them here, just for completeness.

Felix films on 8mm / Super 8mm and 16mm:

Felix 'Non-Stop Fright' Std/Super 8mm from UK Peak Film Productions - and look - they have used the same Pathéscope 16mm master!

Whilst my web-site really deals with 9.5mm, naturally various Felix cartoons were released in the UK by Ensign on 16mm and Kodak initially on 16mm; then later on the 8mm film gauge (or what we now refer to as 'Standard 8mm'). In fact in the 1970s, even people like Collectors Club did release a few Felix titles on Std 8mm and the newer Super 8mm film gauge.

Kodak 8mm (std 8mm) Felix film release

Ensign released 100 foot / 30 metre 16mm short films - including Felix titles -
this release nicely titled & spooled in a can, packed in a smart card box was a
two part Felix release "Felix Crosses the Crooks|"

Kodak 16mm 'Kodaplay' 15 foot / (5 metre) film shorts for the 'Kodatoy' projector

Rather like the Bingoscope films mentioned in the section above, Kodak also released a range of 15 foot shorts (supplied on little wooden spools) for their 'Kodatoy' simple 16mm cine projector. I do know these little 16mm film shorts included some Felix extracts. Like the Bingoscope 9.5mm 15 foot shorts, these films only had the title on the film box, not on the film itself.

Having been glancing through back numbers of Amateur Cine Magazines, I have found various Felix adverts, so for completeness I have begun listing some other 8mm and maybe 16mm Felix film titles here.

Arrow Films - Super 8mm Felix releases - all black & white silent:

       FELIX IN ARABIA              -    FELIX IN ARABIANTICS           13/05/28 US
       FELIX PLAYS ROMEOW           -    ROMEEOW                        ??/??/29 US 

Collectors Club / Collectors Films - Std & Super 8mm Felix releases - all black & white silent:

        FELIX BIG AFRICAN GAME       -   TEE TIME                       ??/??/30 US 
        FELIX DEEP SEA DIVER         -   FELIX BRAVES THE BRINY ?       02/05/26 US
        FELIX FINDS A FRIEND         -   FELIX FIFTY-FIFTY              01/10/22 US 
                     FELIX GOES TO CHINA          -   FALSE VASES                    ??/??/28 US 
        FELIX HALLOWEEN NIGHT        -   FELIX SWITCHES WITCHES         07/11/27 US 
        FELIX HITS THE DECK          -   FELIX HITS THE DECK            11/12/27 US 
        FELIX IN CLOSE HARMONY       -   FELIX IN POLLY-TICS            18/03/28 US  
        FELIX IN FAIRYLAND           -   FELIX IN FAIRYLAND             01/08/23 US 
        FELIX IN OUTER SPACE         -   FELIX IN ASTRONOMEOWS          08/07/28 US 
        FELIX LOOKS INTO THE FUTURE  -   FELIX IN FUTURITZY             24/06/28 US 
        FELIX NON-STOP FRIGHT        -   NON-STOP FRIGHT (THE)          21/08/27 US 
        FELIX PEDIGREEDY             -   PEDIGREEDY                     23/01/27 US
        FELIX PLAYS ROMEOW           -   ROMEEOW                        ??/??/29 US 
        FELIX PREPARES A PICNIC      -   APRIL MAZE                     ??/??/30 US 
        FELIX STARTS THE DAY RIGHT   -   FELIX GRABS HIS GRUB           ??/09/24 US
        FELIX THE HYPNOTIST          -   FELIX HYPS THE HIPPO           01/02/24 US 
        FELIX THE MOUNTAINEER        -   FELIX FINDS 'EM FICKLE         15/06/24 US

Fletcher Films - Super 8mm Felix releases - all Super 8mm black & white silent:

   CTN9 MOTHER GOOSELAND            -  (Is this a Felix?)

Peak Film Productions (London, UK) - Super 8mm black & white silent:

        FELIX NON STOP FRIGHT       -  NON-STOP FRIGHT (THE)          21/08/27 US 

Peak Films Ltd (Ontario, Canada) - Super 8mm colour magnetic sound:

        BOLD KING COLE              -  BOLD KING COLE                 29/05/36 US
          (not from the Sullivan Studios, this Super 8mm print is very good) 

Much of my original information for the 9.5m prints comes from the Pathéscope Monthly/Gazette 'house' magazine or the Pathéscope Film Catalogues - if the release date includes the month, then it comes from the Pathéscope magazines, if just the year, then the Film Catalogues. Much the same applies to the French Pathé-Baby releases, but may be more sketchy. Further information comes from the '9.5mm Encyclopedia' not yet published.

For detailed synopses of most of the original Felix films., I really recommend the Colin Cowles book "Felix The Black and White Catalogue' - details are on my previous Felix page. Colin has also included the Kodak 16mm titles.

Hopefully most of the information above is correct, remember Felix films often begin 'Felix In' or 'Felix the Cat in ' so some titles are maybe incomplete if that Felix beginning is missing from my lists above. Naturally many, if not all, home movie film distributors changed the titles of their sub-standard film releases - often maybe to avoid copyright problems! If you do have further information, or a correction to what is sometimes an educated guess on my part, then please drop me an email.

If you find additions or corrections, please email me, Grahame Newnham at: presto @ (no spaces in real address)


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