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2020 !

All the best for 2020 from Grahame N. & Anne
(Photos from New Years Eve at The Concorde Nightclub & Ellington Lodge Hotel, Eastleigh, nr. Southampton -
top prize winning venue for leading Jazz and Tribute Acts, plus
their Mouldy Fig bistro is now in Michelin top ten Hampshire restaurants!)



Not too healthy a year for me!

I went into hospital on Tuesday 20th November 2018 for a major
vocal chord cancer operation - another 'tidy-up' operation in Feb 2019
In a nursing home, no cancer, not much voice, but now almost eating normally!
(March 2020 - still in the nursing home - probably here for some time
but luckily my house is only a few minutes walk away.....)

I update my web-site regularly, but sales pages stay closed
(Ebay sales are closed - I have Covid19 !)
& lots of new YouTube uploads!

Whatever: my web-site is paid for 'til 2030! Enjoy!

Listen to a bit of British tradition before it is wiped from our memories! - click here!

You can still get the UK 'Ben Ben' to 'bong' here!

My hobby site mainly features Pathé amateur film sizes,
9.5mm; 28mm; 17.5mm; but -
especially the vintage 9.5mm 'Nine-Five' home movie gauge!
- plus even a bit about Pathé phonographs, records etc.!

Charles Pathé - the man who started it all!

What's new?

Ninefive equipment lists updated for extra Lapierre projector / full Lapierre article,
9.5mm printed film lists for Lapierre / Mickey Mouse / Tobis (France) / Pathex (USA) / 28mm KOK photos
Laurel & Hardy DVD set index / 28mm UK General printed films list / Peak Films list
9.5mm Super Gazettes / sound film catalogues / 17.5mm / Evelyn Dall (sad news) - all updated
New lists of Chaplin 9.5mm films / 9.5mm News Review details added / Pathé ref numbers list added
Peak Films lists updated / Major update of Novascope Films lists / New - Link Productions film lists
'9.5mm Movies on DVD' / various Celluloid Image pages updated
You Tube links being added to many Ninefive articles
Pathéscope Prince/Princess article
(goto Ninefive then Pathe Equipment - post-war ) - April 2013
Coronet cine camera/projector article (goto Ninefive then non-Pathe Equipment) - June 2013
LGP (Cine) 9.5mm printed film lists (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues) - Aug2013
9.5mm 'Soundies' musical shorts article (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm 'Soundies') - Sept 2013
Full details & often You Tube links for 9.5mm sound film catalogue entries
(goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues then 9.5mm sound films) - Oct 2013
Film details & You Tube uploads continue (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues then 9.5mm Sound Films)
More 'soundie' You Tube uploads (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Soundie Musical Shorts)
Paul Carnell 9.5mm printed film list (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues) - July 2014
Web-Site moved to - - Oct 2014
Data & You Tube links being added to 17.5mm sound film list - Nov 2014
Cine-Technique/Ditmar/Elmo/Erscam/Eumig/Heurtier projector articles (goto Ninefive then non-Pathé Equipment) - Feb 2015
17.5mm film library catalogue scans added to the 17.5mm section - Mar2015
New section of Pathé emphemera including advertising and the Pathéorama viewer - April 2015
Extensive Specto article
(goto Ninefive then non-Pathé Equipment) - 29April 2015
"Ray" 9.5mm film lists added (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues) - 26May2015
New section Amateur Filming includes the "Ten Best" amateur film competition - 31May2015
Spanish Jefe projectors - article/pictures (goto Ninefive then non-Pathé Equipment) - 22Jun2015
Hallroom Boys (James & George) 9.5mm film lists added
(goto Ninefive) - 08Jul2015
Grahame N. 'gln legacy' pages dug up from the past! -
"Miller" cine camera article added (goto Ninefive then non-Pathé equipment) - 3Aug2015
9.5mm "Cine Accessories" catalogue (goto NineFive then Cine Accessories) - 08Oct2015)
"Campro" cine camera/projector article (goto Ninefive then non-Pathé equipment) - 21Oct2015
"Gem" cine projector article/pictures (goto Ninefive then Pathé equipment after 1940) - 01Nov2015
9.5mm "sound attachments" catalogue (goto Ninefive then sound attachments) - 09Nov2015
9.5mm filming - loading chargers etc. (goto Amateur Filming etc.) - 08Dec2015
9.5mm International Festivals (goto Amateur Filming) - 11Jan2016
9.5mm Paillard-Bolex article/pictures (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment)- 23Jan2016
9.5mm Widescreen Filming article/pictures (goto Amateur Filming) - 20Feb2016
9.5mm Ligonie article/pictures (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 27Feb2016
9.5mm Ciné-Gel article/pictures (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 15Mar2016
9.5mm Webo M cine camera article/pictures (goto Ninefive then Pathé equipment after 1940) - 21Mar2016
Walton 9.5mm film catalogue - alpha - (goto Ninefive, then 9.5mm Film Catalogues) - 23Apr2016
Growing selection of 9.5mm amateur films on YouTube - (goto Amateur Filming) - 25Apr2016
9.5mm Pathé / Pathéscope accessories catalogue - (goto Ninefive then Pathé Accessories) - 03Jun2016
Pathéscope catalogue scans - (goto Ninefive) - 20Aug2016
Presto 9.5mm film list - (goto Ninefive, then 9.5mm Film Catalogues) - 03Feb2017
The Pathéscope Story - ACW Article from 1960 - (goto Pathé Ephemera) - 07Feb2017
Detailed listing of the 9.5mm sound Ace Cinemagazines - (goto Ninefive) - 25Feb2017
UK 9.5mm Club 'Group 9.5' Pages -
(see 9.5mm section) - 17Mar2017
Orange/EE/Freeserve Email address closing!! New address -
presto @ - 24Mar2017
Fawley Power Station Camera Club Photographs - (goto GLN Legacy) - 24Apr2017
Givjoy & Mickey Mouse toy projectors - (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 11May2017
French Pathé-Baby 9.5mm silent film catalogue - (gotoNinefive, printed films) - 10Jul2017
Bingoscope 9.5mm toy projectors - (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathe equipment) - 6Aug2017
Cine Nizo & Noris 9.5mm articles/pictures - (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 30Aug2017
Keystone 9.5mm article/pictures - (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 16Oct2017
Cinéric 9.5mm article/pictures - (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 13Nov2017
Pathéscope 'H' projector article/pictures - (goto Ninefive, then Pathé equipment) - 26Nov2017
Alef 9.5mm article/pictures - (goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment) - 06Dec2017
9.5mm Filmstocks article/pictures - (goto Ninefive, then 9.5mm Film Stocks) - 15Dec2017
Pathéscope '200B' projector article/pictures - goto Ninefive, then Pathé equipment - 09Jan2018
Wilson, Kepple and Betty article/pictures - goto Ninefive - 23Mar2018
9.5/16mm Filo cine projector article/photos - goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment - 01Apr2018
Fifty Years Of Group 9.5 - goto Group 9.5 - 02Apr2018
9.5mm Movies On DVD - article updated - goto Ninefive - 10May2018
Scrappy cartoons on 9.5mm - goto NineFive - 06Jun2018
Pathéscope 'Imp' projector article/pictures - goto Ninefive, then Pathé equipment - 23Jun2018
Pathéscope 'Kid' projector article/pictures - goto Ninefive, then Pathé equipment - 26Jun2018
Walt Disney 'Alice' cartoons on 9.5mm - goto Ninefive - 02Aug2018
9.5mm Midget Movie camera/projector article/photos - goto Ninefive, then non-Pathé equipment - 06Aug2018
Jean Image cartoons on 9.5mm - goto Ninefive - 30Aug2018
Bonzo The Dog cartoons on 9.5mm - goto Ninefive - 18Sep2018
Pathé 'National 11' camera article/pictures - goto Ninefive, then Pathé equipment - 07Oct2018
Photos of Pathéscope People - goto Pathé Ephemera - 10Mar2019
A History Of Group 9.5 - goto Group 9.5 pages - 30Mar2019
Watch a video of the Pimlico Spring Fair - goto Group 9.5 pages - 20Apr2019
Details of glamour model Sabrina on 9.5mm & hear her sing! - goto Ninefive page - 26Apr2019
Devon Photos 2016 - goto GLN Legacy/Photos - 05May2019
Felix Music added - goto Ninefive, then Felix - 11May2019
George Pal Puppetoons on 9.5mm - goto Ninefive, - 12May2019
Dekko 9.5mm cameras/projectors article/photos - goto Ninefive, then non Pathé equipment - 02June2019
Argus 9.5mm cine camera article/photos - goto Ninefive, then non Pathé equipment - 11June2019
Now listen to vintage musical items on record - goto Music - 19June2019
Ensign "Universal" 9.5mm cine projector article/photos - goto Ninefive, then non Pathé equipment - 20June2019
Ray 9.5mm cine projectors photos etc. - goto Ninefive, then non Pathé equioment - 09July2019
9.5mm International Festival 2019 report -goto Amateur Filming - 26Sep2019
9.5mm International Festival 2018 report -goto Amateur Filming - 01Oct2019
9.5mm Pathéscope "Pat" cine camera article/photos - goto Ninefive/Pathé post 1940 equipment - 11Oct2019
9.5mm "Homray" cine projector notes/photos - goto Ninefive, then non Pathé equipment - 12Oct2019
9.5mm Sound Snippets pages - goto Ninefive - 10Nov2019
9.5mm Sponsored Films article/lists - goto Ninefive - 23Nov2019
9.5mm 1953 Coronation Films article/lists/uploads - goto Ninefive - 22Dec2019
9.5mm Empire Film Library lists - goto Ninefive/Printed film catalogues - 26Jan2020
9.5mm Pathéscope film shorts - goto Ninefive - 31Jan2020
"Ninefive Notebooks 1 - 6" reprints - goto Ninefive - 10Feb2020
9.5mm Pathéscope 'Snipshots' animated film releases - goto Ninefive - 11Mar2020
Walton 1958 8/9.5/16mm printed films catalogue & colour slides- goto Ninefive/Printed film catalogues - 17Mar2020

My site's main purpose is to feature / promote the vintage Pathé 9.5mm home movie cine film gauge.
I collect 9.5mm films & equipment, in particular Pathéscope 9.5mm optical sound films -

Internet links to film clips direct from my web-site pages

For my uploads (over 360 items now, with more to come),
just 'google' - "YouTube 95filmforever" for the full list!

We can now
watch many 9.5mm, 17.5mm & 28mm films we read about!

Grahame N. (From 8July2013 onwards)


(Ebay sales are closed now - I have Covid19 !)

& A SELECTION OF SECONDHAND S8, 9.5mm, 16mm films: SALES LISTS 10Nov2018 - CLOSED



(Sales lists have been split between cine films, equipment, accessories ; projector lamps & DVD sales (with lower prices!)- gln 02Dec2016)

1. Click for NINE-FIVE mm home movie film pages. 19Apr2020

These Nine-Five pages include illustrated articles / film lists for - Alice cartoons; Betty Boop cartoons; Bonzo The Dog cartoons; Charlie Chaplin; Coronation (1953) films on 9.5mm; Dance Band films on 9.5mm; Felix the Cat; Disney / Mickey Mouse cartoons; E.J. Fancey / D.U.K./ New Realm; The Hallroom Boys; Hazel Ascot; Jean Image cartoons; Jimmie Adams; Lortac cartoons; Laurel & Hardy; George Pal Puppetoons; "Ninefive Notebooks"; Pathéscope film shorts; Pathé-Baby Stencil Colour 9.5mm shorts; Popeye cartoons; Sabrina glamour films; Scrappy cartoons; Snipshots animated films; Sponsored Films; Steve The Horse cartoons; Wilson, Kepple & Betty; 9.5mm camera film; 9.5mm Dufaycolor; 9.5mm "Soundies". - Many pages with YouTube links to 9.5mm uploads!

Plus - details of the UK 9.5mm Club "Group 9.5"; overseas 9.5 Clubs. (See below for the Group 9.5 pages)

Plus - 9.5mm sound/silent printed film catalogues - all UK, French & USA releases - detailed lists / illustrations -

Plus - 9.5mm cine equipment listings - cameras, projectors, accessories. a few individual pages. Regularly updated!

Plus - new from 2011 - details of 9.5mm printed films now available commercially on DVD

New from 2013 - links to watch some of the 9.5mm films on YouTube!



The UK 9.5mm Nine-Five Club

Check out events and maybe join our club!

16Mar2017 24Mar2020

See Stuart Hilliker's video - April 2019 PIMLICO SPRING FAIR 19Apr2019


Group 9.5 Spring Fair is CANCELLED
Pimlico Film Evenings are postponed
The 9.5 International Event is postponed till September

(Corona Virus)

Pathé made a first attempt at home cinema in 1911 - this was 28mm.
Here are pictures & information about the Pathé 28mm KOK projector, camera & printed film lists.
Also, the American designed and built New Premier Pathéscope 28mm cine projector,
plus, the really rare, also American designed and built, Victor 28mm cine projector.

2. Click for TWENTY-EIGHT mm home movie film pages 22Mar2020 -

The French Pathé-Frérès company also launched a 17.5mm movie film gauge mainly for printed films
This section includes a 17.5mm history plus 17.5mm equipment & 17.5mm silent/sound printed film lists.

3. Click for SEVENTEEN-FIVE mm 'home movie' film pages 17Apr2020 -

Pathé introduced the Pathéorama filmstrip viewer and projector
Interesting Pathé / Pathéscope leaflets & adverts from the UK, France & Overseas
A full history of Pathéscope in the UK has been published
Photos and details of Pathescope people from around 1950
(added 2019)

4. Click for PATHÉ EPHEMERA 20Apr201526Sep2019

This section contains details of the some of the annual Amateur Cine World "Ten Best" film competitions;
also the annual 9.5mm International Festivals - with details of the UK 2020 event!
and a growing selection of 9.5mm amateur films to watch on YouTube!

Plus - 9.5mm charger/magazine loading & 9.5mm Widescreen Filming - Hopefully other topics to come!

5. Click for AMATEUR FILMING - 31May2015.15Feb2020 -

For those still interested in filming or collecting films on that old fashioned celluloid, please look at these pages - contributions for future issues very welcome! August 2016 - Issue 8 at last! (which includes an index for the Laurel & Hardy DVD boxed set )
This on-line magazine includes UK cine events; readers' free adverts; cine services (including film transfer companies) and useful data pages etc,

Sorry! This hasn't been updated since 2016, i won't be adding any more new issues now .....

6. Click for THE CELLULOID IMAGE - On-line cine magazine 24Aug2016

Here are some interesting film & cinema related Web sites:-

7. Click for general CINEMA web-site links.

Another of my interests is music, including pre-war dance band, swing & jazz.

A favourite is the late Evelyn Dall who sang with the Ambrose Band - with a film listing & discography, plus brief biography, photos etc! 10March2017

The story of Pathé & the phonograph March2002

A page all about sultry torch singer Dinah Kaye - discography, filmography 01Dec2016 17Jun2019

Also music quips/quotes and music web links 25March2013

8. Click for MUSIC pages. 12Jul2019

New from 2013/2014 - links to watch the films on You Tube

And for 2019 - listen to some of the recordings!

9. Click for GLN LEGACY pages- 17Jul2015.18Jan2020

Before broadband, in the days of 'dial-up' internet & only a 15Mb Freeserve web-site, I started odd pages for ephemera, photos, my family geneology etc - just found some of this tucked away - so it's back up on my web-site again!
Much is not yet fully updated - but I'm adding extra geneology, photos etc. mostly my own family records.

Also there are now C.E.G.B. (Central Electricity Generating Board) - Fawley Power Station Social Club photos.
plus Fawley Power Station Sports & Social Club Camera Club photographs!
and now CEGB training/promo films!

Eventually I may even start a blog ('blague'?).

10. OK - say this is "joke for today" or perhaps this month, year? (Or when I get to change it!)

Seems appropriate - I would recommend French red - from the Loire -
Cabernet Franc grape - Chinon / Saumur / Bourgueil / St Nicholas de Bourgueil / Anjou
Or if you prefer white wine, try Muscadet - Melon de Bourgogne grape - The Loire, nearer to Nantes!


Osama Bin Laden sends George W. Bush a coded message to let him know he is still alive:-
"370H SSV 0773H." Bush is baffled. Condi Rice and her aides and even the FBI and CIA
can't decipher it. So they ask Britain's MI6 for help. Within a minute MI6 replies:-
"Er, tell the President he's holding the message upside down.".

Whilst this site is mainly dedicated to the vintage 9.5mm (and 28mm /17.5mm) movie film gauges,
introduced by the French Pathé / Pathé-Freres company, (and in the UK by Pathéscope Ltd)
it is not at all connected with the current 'reborn' commercial Pathé companies.
See for free access information on Pathé cinema newsreels.
See for details of current cinema movies distributed by Pathé.

Yes! There's lots here to see and read, bookmark the site and visit again soon! There will be updates!
On a modern web browser you can save all these pages to enjoy offline - in Internet Explorer for example, just click on '
Favourites'/'Add to Favourites' then check the 'Make Available Offline' box & click 'OK'. You'll be bored for hours! ......Grahame N.

It is flattering to see whole chunks of my web-site used elsewhere, but legally this is theft - all material here is my copyright. If you have a web-site why not research your own material!! Or just create a link to my site!

Contact me Grahame Newnham at: presto @ (remove spaces for correct address)
(My full contact details are on my sales lists page)

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